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Gdansk for free

Sightseeing in Gdańsk and great fun with no need to reach for your wallet? It is possible! There are many interesting places in this beautiful city that you can visit and see for free while having a good time in the process. Print this article, go out and do not worry about the expenses. You will rediscover Gdańsk with us with no need to spend money too often. Ready to go? Let us begin.

Westerplatte (6/9)

Fot. annaspies flickr.com/CC

Westerplatte is a special place. Unique stories full of emotions and secrets are associated with it. It was there that the German battleship Schleswig Holstein that arrived to Gdańsk seemingly peacefully shot the first shots in the direction of the Polish station at 4:48 on September 1, 1939. Unfortunately, that was the beginning of the WWII. In that place, Polish soldiers bravely resisted the German attackers for 7 days. On September 7, major Henryk Sucharski made the decision to capitulate due to the unequal fight and growing losses among the Polish soldiers. Many soldiers who survived the defence of the Westerplatte were taken prisoner.
A Monument to Westerplatte Defenders commemorating these events is one of the things to visit in Westerplatte.