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10 greatest attractions for children in Gdansk

Gdansk loves children. Children are wonderful discoverers. They notice what we, adults, can miss. Everything fascinates, amazes and interests them.  They treat adults as guides who can show them most interesting corners of the world and answer hundreds of questions. Joint excursions to unique places are perfect learning opportunities.  Where can you find them? Everywhere in Gdańsk! Museums, galleries, playgrounds – all of them created especially for the youngest. Do not wait! Come and have fun!

A bit of fun in Loopy’s World (2/9)

Loop's World
Loop's World
Fot. Loop's World

Loopy’s World Family Recreation Centre

Loopy’s World Family Recreation Centre is one of the largest amusement parks in Poland and the largest one in the Tri-City. The Centre was designed especially for the kids. Its goal is to entertain and promote physical activity. The variety of things offered will allow each child to find something interesting and everybody will leave the Centre satisfied. An important fact is that you can use the place regardless of the weather thanks to the shade cover. Slides, trampolines, fun shooters, a happy train, electric cars, pitches, ladders, fancy obstacle courses and many other attractions. Shortly speaking, every child can find something special. Every Loopy’s World ticket allows you to use the fun land with your kid, which doubles the joy of moments spent together. After the fun, the Centre invites everybody to the restaurant operating there.