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A stunning panorama point in Gdansk


Kazimierz Water Reservoir on Lazurowa Street on Sobieszewo Island is an example of a contemporary water tank that combines technical, learning and educational functions. It enables the natural values of this unique area to be presented in their original settings and provides a fine panorama from the viewing balcony.

Kazimierz Reservoir
Kazimierz Reservoir
Fot. Gdańska Infrastruktura Wodociągowo-Kanalizacyjna

Located far from the city's noise, the tower is a noteworthy point of interest on the tourist map of Gdansk. The visiting programme includes educational classes and must be booked in advance.

Sobieszewo Island is unique in itself, an urban area with an extensive zone of natural or semi-natural vegetation that provides sanctuary for many unique plant species. The island is considered the most valuable natural object of Gdansk, which is why Gdansk City Council has designated it a protected landscape area. Sobieszewo Island is a great spot for spending time close to nature, strolling and riding a bike.

Why it’s a good idea to visit Water Collector „Kazimierz”?

In Kazimierz Reservoir, you will learn how a water tower works and what the role of a fresh water reservoir in the water supply system is by playing with an interactive educational exhibition which includes:

  • an interactive miniature water supply system launched by the user to investigate the water treatment process, see how water reaches our homes, and learn about the role of a water tower in the system;
  • an interactive installation, which shows that the hydrostatic paradox is real;
  • a 3D model of the reservoir for self-assembly: great for visitors of any age;
  • an interactive digital 3D model of the reservoir: a touchscreen app that shows the reservoir with its nooks and crannies from all sides;
  • displays showing a view of the reservoir section that stores water: a rare opportunity to peek into a place that only a water can penetrate.

The viewing balcony at 45 metres above sea level affords an unforgettable panoramic view of Sobieszewo Island and Gdansk Bay.
Next season, the balcony floor will also host an educational exhibition on the natural values and history of the island.

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