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Gdansk - on the path of freedom

There are many fantastic places worth visiting to stand face to face with the spirit of the past and feel the mood of that time. Especially for you, we prepared descriptions of places worth including on your must see list.

Art on the island (3/11)


The “Wyspa" (Island) Art Institute is the first non-governmental non-profit cultural institution in Poland and one of the most rapidly developing cultural institutions in the country. The shipyard is a location of numerous artistic initiatives. Theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions are organized in production halls. Thanks to international contacts, young artists from all parts of the world exhibit their works there and, through their sculptures, paintings and installations, they express their social, political, civilizational and personal views.
The return path to the city leads through the Solidarity Square already known to us. Before we reach it, we will pass through two large steel structures that are worthy of attention.
“These installations are called “The Gates””, explains their author, a Gdańsk artist Grzegorz Klaman. “The first one is in the shape of an inclined ship bow. It is made of corroded, damaged steel.
Both installations are connected with a steel and brick ramp. The style of the next structure refers, by its form, to the monument of the 3rd Communist International that has never been built but its design was created in early 1920s by a Soviet constructivist, Wladimir Tatlin. Its interior is filled with a beam of light. “I broke Tatlin’s design”, explains Klaman. “He tried to express the sublime of communist ideas. I showed their destruction.”