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The Gothic defensive walls of the Main Town

The Gothic defensive walls of the Main Town together with the accompanying fortified towers and gates form the fortification system of Gdańsk that was built over the centuries. 

Defensive walls/start: Za Murami Street (2/20)

The construction of the fortification of the Main Town began with its south-western corner, and it was the most strategically important section. Based on the privilege granted by the Teutonic Order, the foundation stone for the construction of the defensive walls was laid on Wednesday, March 26 1343. The shape of brick walls with battlements has been changed and extended over the years, however, already in the 16th century the wall lost its military significance due to the construction of new fortifications. It hasn’t been demolished like the walls of the Old Town and the Old Suburbs mainly because it was enclosed with tenement houses and utility buildings. The 1945 conflagration revealed the walls hidden there for centuries. The reconstructed fragments of the walls can now be seen on all sections of the original buildings, which are marked out by the described fortified towers.