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Dok Cesarski

The idea of ​​the creation of the Dok Cesarski met the need to create a new place for all residents and visitors of the Tri-City, longing for meetings.

Cienqi Stand Up w Doku Vol. 1/ Dok Cesarski
Cienqi Stand Up w Doku Vol. 1/ Dok Cesarski
Gdansk Tourism Organization

Dok Cesarski is located within the Stocznia Cesarska, which is a place of great historical importance. It is located along the banks of the river Martwa Wisla, in close proximity to the main railway station and the Old Town.

This is a place where people can meet, encouraged by the combination of industrial character, a large dose of culture, delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere…

Dok Cesarski organizes cyclical events. The schedule can be found on our website and Facebook.

Let's make this summer special together!

More info: www.dokcesarski.pl oraz https://www.facebook.com/dokcesarski/

Dok Cesarski 

Ul. Dokowa 1

80-863 Gdańsk

Tel.: 583206169

Email: czesc@dokcesarski.pl