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Following the Gdansk view points

Have you ever thought what Gdansk looks like from the height of over 100 metres? Or perhaps you like climbing and you want to see the city from somewhat different perspective? For active people, it will be an interesting idea to sightsee the city by climbing the highest peaks of which there are quite a few in Gdansk!

European Solidarity Centre (11/11)
View Point spot
View Point spot
Fot. Europejskie Centrum Solidarności

From the viewing terrace on the roof of the European Solidarity Centre - 25 metres above ground - you can see the city from a perspective comparable to no other vantage point. It offers a view of areas without which Gdansk would not be Gdańsk – remnants of the former Schichau shipyard, floating dock, the site of the former Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, the canal and the cranes moving with grace. Also from here you can see the famous BHP Room where Solidarity was born in August 1980.
On the other side, the horizon is marked with the panorama of the Old and Main City. Note the over 40-metre high inclined tower of the World War II Museum under construction which surprises you with a modern shape in the traditional architectonic landscape of Gdansk.
With a good visibility, from the ESC terrace you can see the football Energa Gdansk Arena also called the amber stadium. You are advised to take binoculars or a telescope with you. Entry is free.