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Explore beautiful Gdansk with Hewelion!


The small lion, Hewelion (so named by internet users), has set off to discover the beauty of our city. Bronze statuettes of Hewelion about half a metre high are cropping up throughout the city, each in a pose and attire that is specific for that particular location.

Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

So far there are eight statuettes on the Hewelion trail. The first one was unveiled in October 2015 in Gdansk Zoo, followed by others next to the Energa Gdansk Stadium, Gdansk pier, the Hewelianum Centre, Dlugi Targ Street (Gdansk Tourist Information Centre), the airport, Olowianka Island and the Great Mill.
These statuettes make up a new and interesting tourist trail in our city, and several dozen more statuettes are planned. The lion was an intentional choice, based on one of the city's best known symbols.

If you would like to explore the Hewelion tourist trail in Gdansk, check out iLeo, a free mobile app available for two operating systems (iOS and Android), which uses the Bluetooth function to gather interesting facts from each lion. How does this work? When you put your phone close to a statuette, a text message will be displayed accompanied by an audio file giving the history of that location. The narration also appeals to the youngest users, enabling them to discover a huge part of the story of Gdansk.