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Gdansk beaches

Gdansk has amazing beaches with wide stretches of clean sand, even though water in the Baltic Sea is rather cold. And if you're lucky, you might find a piece of amber. The first swimming areas in the Gdansk area were designated in the early 19th century. Which ones are worth a visit? See our review of selected Gdansk beaches to find out!

Gdansk Brzezno (2/7)

Brzeźno beach
Brzeźno beach
Fot. Gdański Ośrodek Sportu

The first swimming area in Brzezno, or rather a bath facility with heated sea water, was established back in 1804 and extended in 1810. Today, it has two summer swimming areas: Dom Zdrojowy, which occupies 100 metres of the coastline (Entrance 41), and the 400-metre-long Molo beach (Entrances 49-52) which offers great conditions for relaxation and has a pier that juts 136 metres into the sea. Note that the Gdansk Water Rescue Centre is headquartered nearby and operates around the clock. There are plenty of dining and entertainment options in the area, including the “Generał Zaruski” beach playground near Entrance 51 inspired by the flagship vessel of Gdansk. If staying up late is your thing, you can play volleyball on the illuminated courts maintained as part of the “Play at Night” campaign. The beach also has an amphibian wheelchair to make the sea accessible for the disabled.

Interesting fact: As one of the cleanest beaches, Molo Gdansk Brzezno has consistently won the distinction of the Polish National Blue Flag Programme every year.

How to get there: Tram lines 3 (Stogi Pasanil/Brzezno) 5 (Strzyza/Nowy Port (Oliwska)), bus line 148 (Zabianka SKM, Nowy Port), 188 (Zaspa SKM, Nowy Port).

Contact details:

Molo Gdansk Brzezno Sea Swimming Area
1 Jantarowa Street, Gdansk
phone: +48 58 524 18 53,

Gdansk Water Rescue Centre
1 Jantarowa Street, Gdansk - rescue services building
24h emergency phone number: +48 601 689 970.

Dom Zdrojowy Gdansk Brzezno Sea Swimming Area
Zdrojowa Street, Gdansk
(open seasonally)
phone: +48 607395857