Święto Wolności i Solidarności
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Gdańsk-on the path of freedom

Gdańsk hides many secrets and the evidence that it witnessed incredible historical events. There are many fantastic places worth visiting to stand face to face with the spirit of the past and feel the mood of that time.  Especially for you, we prepared descriptions of places worth including on your must see list.

European Solidarity Centre,Solidarności Square 1 (1/22)

European Solidarity Centre
European Solidarity Centre
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A permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the Solidarity and oppositionist movements that stimulated democratic changes everywhere in Central and Eastern Europe is at the heart of the ESC new headquarters. The exhibition occupies nearly three thousand square metres on the second and third floor. And it really is impressive. Traditional exposition methods were used in the presentation along with the state-of-the-art technological solutions. Visitors will see historical exhibits, have an access to spatial and electronic projections where photographs, archival videos, documents, maps, biographical entries, calendars and press clippings are collected. Everyone will find something interesting there.