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Go on a voyage aboard Gdanski Bowke


In the beginning, there was Bowke. Then came the Gdanski Bowke restaurant, and now a ship! That’s right – the “Gdanski Bowke Cruises” hit the waters of Motlawa. All aboard!

Gdansk Bowke Cruises
Gdansk Bowke Cruises
Fot. Gdansk Tourism Organisation

But hold on a moment... Some of you might not know who Gdanski Bowke was. Well, he was a Gdansk native, a rather harmless delinquent and troublemaker, as well as a hard liquor aficionado. He was known for spending most of his time around the port and was more comical than dangerous, adding to the city’s atmosphere. Bowke turns up in the works of writers such as Grass, Derdowski and Zwarra.

The boat itself is an antique already, dating from 1909, and like its namesake is sure to add charm to the city and become a new, waterborne attraction. Being aboard is like being transported to the olden days. Enjoy some great Polish snacks, and maybe even try regional alcoholic beverages, Bowke’s object of affection.

The boat offers cruises in a comfortable atmosphere with professional staff. The deck affords great views, where you can marvel at Gdansk from a totally different angle. Available for sale are tickets for the regular cruises to Westerplatte, but nothing is stopping you from planning your own cruise (with prior arrangements).

For futher information call: +48 506 082 619.

Highly recommended!