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Classical Gdańsk

If it is your first visit to Gdańsk make sure you see a few flagship places, symbols of the city. If you have been living here for years you have probably passed them on your way home many times. Perhaps it is worthwhile to stop and see them afresh? Every reason is good to have a walk to the Main Town and the Old Town and rediscover the hidden gems of architecture; this is why we invite you for a journey through classical Gdańsk.

Golden House (9/12)

Golden House
Golden House
Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

The oldest references to the house in Długi Targ come from the 14th century. The former Gothic façade of the house was rebuilt by a famous Gdańsk architect Abraham van den Blocke while Hans Vogt from Rostock was the author of numerous gold-plated ornaments that gave the house its name. The house was built for the mayor of Gdańsk, Jan Speymann; the legend has it that a shiny shape sometimes strolls along the corridors of the house: a ghost of the mayor’s beautiful wife Judyta whispering: “Do what is just, fear no one”.