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Hewelion the Lion Trail

Gdansk walking tours with Hewelion are attractive not only to the youngest. Hewelion is a hero of the trail initiated and developed by Gdansk Tourism Organisation. A little happy lion with a bag full of interesting urban stories can be found in different spots of Gdansk. Attributes of consecutive Hewelions are connected to the places where lions are to be found and stories they have to tell. The author of bronze lions is Tomasz Radziewicz, a Gdansk artist.

What Hewelion the Lion Trail is? (1/14)

Hewelion The Lion at Gdansk Tourism Information Centre
Hewelion The Lion at Gdansk Tourism Information Centre
Fot. Gdansk Tourism Organisation

Until now Hewelion has fancified the ZOO, Energa Gdansk Stadium, pier in Brzeźno, Gdańsk Toursit Information Centre, Gdansk Airport, Hewelianum Centre, Great Mill, Ołowianka Island, Długie Pobrzeże (Long Embankment), Madison Shopping Centre, Upland Gate / Brawa Wyżynna, Długi Targ Street (IBB Hotel), AMBER EXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The name Hewelion is a connection of the surname of a Gdansk astronomer, Johannes Hevelius, and the word “lion”. But why a lion? Just look at the Gdansk coat of arms!