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In love with Gdańsk!

Love is in the air! There are places in Gdańsk where it feels like love is in the air. It can sometimes be felt only on some days in a year while in others, the magical atmosphere remains throughout the year. Engagement on the seashore by the setting sun or perhaps a romantic date in the centre of the city? Every dream can come true in Gdańsk and the city itself is a perfect background for the most beautiful love stories.

Love Bridge (3/9)

Love Bridge
Love Bridge
Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

At the junction of the Korzenna and Na Piaskach streets, you will notice a bridge with beautiful, openwork railing. The railing becomes less and less visible each year because colourful padlocks hanging there cover it. Lovers come there to symbolically make their relationships more durable by hanging a padlock with their initials, important dates or vows of undying love.  For the vow to be valid, they have to throw the key to the padlock to the Radunia river flowing beneath the bridge. Who would think that the Most Chlebowy (Bread Bridge) where bread used to be sold in the past, would become the Love Bridge!