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Lubrow Brewery (7/11)

Lubrow Brewery
Lubrow Brewery
Fot. Lubrow Brewery

Lubrow Brewery is a family run business founded in 2013. It`s located in the center of Gdansk, just opposite main railway station.

From the very beginning we knew, that we want to make something more than just regular beer. You can order 3 types of beer: Pils, Keller and AIPA. 3 remaining taps are reserved for on of almost 30 types of biers being brewed seasonally. We respect tradition but are not afraid of little experimenting. One can also order beers with additions like: yerba mate, beetroot juice, ginger or watermelon juice. We also run a restaurant in Wejherowo and beers are available at Spichrz Hotel located in the village of Borcz. We have 6 taps and additional types of beer can be served from bottle. Lately in our offer: SKM – Pils, Kellerbier, AIPA, Hevelianum – American Weizen, Watermelon Milkshake IPA, Gagat Outmeal Stout, 11.11.2018 – Rose Polish Pale Ale, Wejherale – Pale Ale.

Lubrow Gdansk
Karmelicka Street 1
80-851 Gdańsk 
phone 509 143 711, 58 769 32 70, 502 268 290
e-mail: barbadosgda@wp.pl / lubrow.marketing@gmail.com

More info at: www.lubrow.pl