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Hewelion the Lion Trail

Gdansk walking tours with Hewelion are attractive not only to the youngest. Hewelion is a hero of the trail initiated and developed by Gdansk Tourism Organisation. A little happy lion with a bag full of interesting urban stories can be found in different spots of Gdansk. Attributes of consecutive Hewelions are connected to the places where lions are to be found and stories they have to tell. The author of bronze lions is Tomasz Radziewicz, a Gdansk artist.

Hewelion with a trident / Pier in Brzeźo (9/14)
Hewelion with a trident
Hewelion with a trident
Gdansk Tourism Organisation

Hewelion with a trident

Item: trident

Yep, it’s true. I’ve always been envious of the trident wielded by the famous Gdansk Neptune… I got this one as a gift from the employees of Saur Neptun Gdansk. After all, their logo also contains a trident. Rumour has it that that is because the Gdansk water and sewage company helped fix the famous Neptune Fountain several decades ago. Whose trident is nicer? Neptune’s or mine? 

Pier in Brzeźo

The story of this pier should be started with a few words about Brzeźno itself. It is a first Gdansk bathing beach with infrastructure built by Dr Jean Haffner. Congratulations on your perceptiveness if you associated this surname with Sopot. After opening a bathing beach in Brzeźno in 1808, Haffner built similar ones in Sopot.

First buildings of the bathing beach had been burned after several years, but in 1833 a new bathing facility was opened there. One could bath there in warm water paying 10 silver groszes, or in a cheaper “shack by the beach” which cost 2.5 groszes. Brzeźno was developing. Spa House and a pier of impressive length appeared later. In 1900, a 100 metre pier was constructed. In twenties, its length reached 250 metres, and width – 6 metres. At the end of the pier there was a viewing platform. Around it, excursion ships were docked. During war the pier was destroyed and for many years it was not rebuilt. The pier we now stand on was opened only in 1996 and has 130 metres, so barely a half of its former length. It is still charming, though.

Hewelion standing next to the entrance to the pier holds a pearl. He stands on a trident, similar to the one wielded by Neptune at the fountain on the Long Market.