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Gdansk for free

Sightseeing in Gdańsk and great fun with no need to reach for your wallet? It is possible! There are many interesting places in this beautiful city that you can visit and see for free while having a good time in the process. Print this article, go out and do not worry about the expenses. You will rediscover Gdańsk with us with no need to spend money too often. Ready to go? Let us begin.

Pier in Gdansk Brzeźno (3/9)

Fot. Marek Angiel

Majority of people visiting Gdansk think that the only available pier is located in Sopot. That’s a common mistake! We can walk on a pier in one of Gdansk’s districts – Brzeźno. Perhaps it’s not as long as the one in Sopot, but equally charming. It was built at the end of XIX century. At the beginning, it was 100 meters long, then extended up to 215 meters. The biggest asset of this place is its location – close to the sea, beach, many bicycle and stroll routes and vast green areas. It’s a perfect place to breathe in some fresh, sea air and get fit for further exploration of Gdansk. During summer, as well as in winter months, this location is often chosen by people who just want to enjoy a break from the clamour of the city.