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Following the Gdansk view points

Have you ever thought what Gdansk looks like from the height of over 100 metres? Or perhaps you like climbing and you want to see the city from somewhat different perspective? For active people, it will be an interesting idea to sightsee the city by climbing the highest peaks of which there are quite a few in Gdansk!

Forts of Gradowa Mountain (5/11)

Gradowa Mountain
Gradowa Mountain
Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

Clouds above your head, wind in the hair and unforgettable views! The Gradowa Mountain in Gdansk is an ancient place of power. Pomeranian Dukes selected the hill to erect their town. The Gradowa Mountain is an important geomantic point of the Gulf of Gdansk, a place where positive energy concentrates.

The Gradowa Mountain is a place full of charm and mystery. This is the place where as early as in the 9th/10th century one of several towns was founded in the northern part of the Kashubian Lake District. With time Gradowa Mountain, called Grodzisko, became a key defence element of the south-western borders of Gdansk. Now from the hill a great panorama of Gdansk can be seen as well the area from Gdynia Orłowo to Żuławy. Each couple, holding hands, should have no problems to climb 54 m above sea level to admire the views together! On top of Gradowa Mountain there is the Millennium Cross; however, it is worth planning a walk over the entire former fort which with time has changed into a fortress of science in Gdansk. Now the mysterious and intriguing buildings of former military architecture house interactive exhibitions of the Gdansk centre of science.