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Following the Gdansk view points

Have you ever thought what Gdansk looks like from the height of over 100 metres? Or perhaps you like climbing and you want to see the city from somewhat different perspective? For active people, it will be an interesting idea to sightsee the city by climbing the highest peaks of which there are quite a few in Gdansk!

Prison Tower (6/11)

Prison Tower
Prison Tower
Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

The Torture House and the Prison Tower connected with a Gothic wall constitute the Middle Age complex of the Ulica Długa Gatehouse. From the attic of the Prison Tower where the Amber Museum is located, one can admire the panorama of the city centre.
The view of Gdansk can be admired from the three windows looking eastwards, westwards and northwards. The southward direction is not accessible due to the ventilation machinery located there. The most beautiful view is eastwards - to the Main City where from a close distance and from above you can see the statutes on the Golden Gate, compare the towers of St. Mary's Church and the Main City Hall and see the most valuable historic monuments of Gdansk.