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The Gothic defensive walls of the Main Town

The Gothic defensive walls of the Main Town together with the accompanying fortified towers and gates form the fortification system of Gdańsk that was built over the centuries. 

The Anchorman Tower/Kotwiczników Street (11/20)

At Kotwiczników Street we will find the Anchorman Tower, built at the end of the 14th century. In the subsequent centuries, Renaissance dormers (windows) were added to the roof. The purpose of the tower has changed numerous times – initially, dangerous prisoners were kept in its dungeons, then it was transformed into a granary. Before World War II it served as a shelter for girls. In 1945 it was severely destroyed; after the reconstruction it became the headquarters of the Regional Conservator of Historical Monuments.

Those interested in the remains of the defensive walls of Gdańsk should also pay attention to two preserved Gothic fortified towers of the Old Suburbs. It will take about 15 minutes to walk to the Old Town. Turn right at the end of Kotwiczników Street and walk along Podwale Przedmiejskie Street. At the next intersection walk under the tunnel to Żabi Kruk Street. After a 10-minute walk along the street (you should pass the intersection with Toruńska Street and then three high apartment blocks), the remains of the Pod Zrębem Tower will emerge on the left side, which can also be seen from the marina. When we turn right and walk a few steps we will notice the White Tower at Augustyńskiego Street.