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Hewelion the Lion Trail

Gdansk walking tours with Hewelion are attractive not only to the youngest. Hewelion is a hero of the trail initiated and developed by Gdansk Tourism Organisation. A little happy lion with a bag full of interesting urban stories can be found in different spots of Gdansk. Attributes of consecutive Hewelions are connected to the places where lions are to be found and stories they have to tell. The author of bronze lions is Tomasz Radziewicz, a Gdansk artist.

Hewelion The Astronomer / Hevelianum (6/14)
Hewelion The Astronomer
Hewelion The Astronomer
Gdansk Tourism Organisation


Hewelion The Astronomer

Item: quadrant

Even though climbing Mt. Gradowa holding an astronomical quadrant above my head wasn’t easy, it was worth it! Have you ever looked at Gdansk from the eighteenth floor of a building? No? Then waste no time and go to the Millennium Cross – you won’t find views like that anywhere else in Poland! 


Hevelianum on Gradowa Hill is a place where everyone – young and adult – can find something interesting. Modern science centre encourages to increase knowledge with is interactive and multimedia expositions and innovative educational solutions. Local Hewelion feels at home here. After all, his godfather and the patron of Hevelianum is a great Gdansk astronomer, Johannes Hevelius. Inspired by him, little lion measures the sky, watching it narrowly. With Hevelianum, even students (both former and present) that are extremely bored with school, will leave thinking that science is fun. Don’t you believe? Time to experience this in person!

While heading for Hevelianum, it is good to learn first facts about the spot where it was built. Hail (Gradowa) Hill, on which the Centre sits, is a northern outpost of Gdansk Grodzisko. It is believed that people lived on this hill since IX century, so this was the place where gród (a castle-town) was set up. In Old Slavonic (great-grandfather of Polish language) the word gród means town.

In next centuries the hill was used to built fortifications that played a significant part during Napoleonic Wars. Today this beautifully located, picturesque Gradowa hill is a wonderful place to have a walk and time of relax outdoors.