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The Gothic defensive walls of the Main Town

The Gothic defensive walls of the Main Town together with the accompanying fortified towers and gates form the fortification system of Gdańsk that was built over the centuries. 

The Straganiarska Gate/Straganiarska Street (20/20)

The last gate on the route is the Straganarska Gate, which in some aspects resembles St. Mary's Gate: here we are also dealing with the asymmetrical location of the passage and the placing of the heraldic triad with the coat of arms of the Republic of Poland, Royal Prussia and Gdańsk from the Motława River side. Just like the St. Mary's Gate, it also has two octagonal turrets from the river side, which are now covered with conical roofs instead of two emerging fiery spires. The gate, which was destroyed in 1945, was rebuilt in the 1950s and used for housing purposes. Interestingly, a Polish actor Zbigniew Cybulski lived here from 1959 to 1960, which was commemorated with a plaque. However, the plaque has the wrong date on it.