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The Gothic defensive walls of the Main Town

The Gothic defensive walls of the Main Town together with the accompanying fortified towers and gates form the fortification system of Gdańsk that was built over the centuries. 

The Swan Tower/Fish Market (10/20)

The northernmost element of the medieval fortifications was the Swan Tower on the Fish Market. The tower built in the 15th century, in the shape of a cut-off cylinder and with a conical roof, was surrounded by a lot of buildings soon after the loss of its military significance. In 1945 the tower was severely damaged and the neighbouring buildings were completely destroyed. During the reconstruction the building was shaped just like at the beginning of the 16th century.

Go along the Motława River and head towards the Long Market. After passing the Green Gate take the first street on the left – the last building located within Powroźnicza and Kotwiczników Street is the Kotwiczników Street.