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The Gothic defensive walls of the Main Town

The Gothic defensive walls of the Main Town together with the accompanying fortified towers and gates form the fortification system of Gdańsk that was built over the centuries. 

Jacek (St. Hyacinth) Tower/Pańska Street 1 (9/20)

We come to one of the highest Gothic towers – Jacek Tower. The 36-meter high, 8-storey tower was built at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries on an octagonal plan and due to its height it performed important observation functions. An interesting story is connected with the name of the tower: it started to be known as “Jacek” after 1945, when during the polonization process of Gdańsk streetnames and objects, it was decided to change the name used so far. The present name refers to St. Jacek Odrowąż (St. Hyacinth), who in the 13th century brought the Dominican Order to Poland. Why him? Jacek Tower was built in the vicinity of the Dominican Order's headquarters. What was the name of the tower before 1945? It was called Kiek en den Kök, meaning Look into the Kitchen, but this name is not original either. Initially, the name Kiek en den Kök referred to the nearby Dominican Tower because the guards saw the windows of the friars' kitchen from the tower. The Dominican Tower burned down and its name was "moved" to the surrounding tower. So what was the original name of the tower? Surprisingly, this has not been established yet. Luckily, the tower survived World War II in a good condition and after several post-war renovations it is one of the most beautiful Gothic towers in Gdańsk.

Pass Pańska Street to Podwale Staromiejskie Street, turn left and move towards the Motława River. The tower is situated next to Hilton Hotel.