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Classical Gdańsk

If it is your first visit to Gdańsk make sure you see a few flagship places, symbols of the city. If you have been living here for years you have probably passed them on your way home many times. Perhaps it is worthwhile to stop and see them afresh? Every reason is good to have a walk to the Main Town and the Old Town and rediscover the hidden gems of architecture; this is why we invite you for a journey through classical Gdańsk.

Town Hall of the Old Town (10/11)

Town Hall of the Old Town
Town Hall of the Old Town
Fot. Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

Gdańsk is an example of a city where as many as four town halls were functional until mid 15th century: in the Main Town and the Old Town, the Osiek and the Young Town. The first wooden Town Hall structure of the Old Town was built in 1380. The building was reinforced and a new building constructed according to the Dutch Mannerism style was finally built in 1587-1589. The Town Hall of the Old Town is one of the few buildings that survived the WWII and its interiors accessible to the public are the effect of the restoration works executed in the 20th century. Johannes Hevelius is the most renowned personage associated with the history of the Town Hall: a Gdańsk alderman honoured with a commemorative plaque hanging in the hallway of the building. Nowadays, the building houses the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre.