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Tricity Craft Beer Trail

New places, new beer tastes. 10 locations on the Trail! Check out what new attractions await you on Craft Beer Trail in 2019.

Vrest Brewery (5/11)

Vrest Brewery
Vrest Brewery
Fot. Vrest Brewery

Situated at the cultural heart of Wrzeszcz, Vrest Brewery is one of district gems.  At our Brewery You will find everything that makes our district unique  - peoples energy, freshness, fun and positive way-out. 

Beers that we brew are our variations on popular and famed styles from around the world. For Us creation of every beer is like travel through ideas, ingredients and techniques. This makes  our daily work so interesting and fascinating. Our  beers are good example of dedicated craft, with attention to detail and no shortcuts. Because our beer it’s all about ingredients – fresh water from nearby  Joy Valley, malted grains form the sunny fields and hops from all around the world.      

Vrest Brewery / Browar Vrest
Juliusza Słowackiego Street 23
80-257 Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz, Garnizon
phone 664 131 892
e-mail: info@vrest.pl

More at: www.vrest.pl