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What is EuRoB?

EuRoB stands for the European Route of Brick Gothic, which is the name of an educational tourist route. This one, however, is unlike any of its kind. It stretches from Denmark through Germany and all the way to Poland, following a trail of brick Gothic structures.

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European Route of Brick Gothic
European Route of Brick Gothic
Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna

As you might expect, we would not be mentioning the Route of Brick Gothic if Gdansk was not part of it. As one of the major cities of the powerful Hanseatic League of the Middle Ages, Gdansk boasts numerous fascinating Gothic buildings despite the terrible damage it sustained during all the wars.

The trail includes Gothic towers, city halls, monasteries, churches, gates and walls, which are all abundant in the capital city of Pomerania. Even though Germany is home to the majority of EuRoB cities (26), Poland still comes second with 8 locations (Denmark finishes last with 3). In addition to Gdansk, the Polish towns and cities include Chelmno, Grudziadz, Olsztyn, Plock, Slawno, Stargard and Szczecin.

The Association is very active in encouraging tourists to discover the beauty of the route and the associated buildings. Regular meetings are organised and guides are published which enable everyone to learn more about the marvels of Gothic architecture and help better protect historical buildings.

About EuRoB

The EuRoB Association was established at a conference in Greifswald in September 2007. On 28 February 2008, the Gdansk City Council adopted a resolution which made Gdansk part of the Association. After receiving the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gdansk has been a member of the EuRoB Association since 1 November 2008. The Association’s annual guide, Along the European Route of Brick Gothic, is targeted at both individual tourists and travel agencies. You can receive a copy at the EuRoB headquarters in Berlin and in other member cities.

Read more about European Route of Brick Gothic: www.eurob.org