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Anchovy Butter



Salted anchovies / butter / parsley / egg yolk. 

A delicate paste of salted anchovies mixed with fresh butter. The recipe requires care and the well-soaked anchovies. Served with green parsley and grated, hard-boiled egg yolk.

Veal stew with crayfish: veal tenderloin / lemon / nutmeg / crayfish butter / egg yolk

A delicately stewed veal tenderloin wrapped in an egg cake. Served with crayfish butter along with crayfish tails.

Vanilla punch : sugar / vanilla / rum / imperial tea

Cocktail inspired by a vanilla punch – drink made of Caribbean rum, vanilla syrup and imperial tea (yellow tea - the rarest tea available, that kind of tea used to be imported to Gdańsk from China).


Ducha66 Restaurant

Św. Ducha 66 / U2

80-834 Gdańsk

1000 m from Neptun Fountain

Welcome to Ducha66! In a place filled with color, laughter and conversation. Where happiness is created among friends, with tables full of flavors, wine and coffee, accompanied by the historic center of Gdansk. Make yourself comfortable and feel the Spirit of this place!