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Pork leg stuffed with veal meat



Pork leg stuffed with veal meat Pork leg of “Puławska” breed (without GMO) stuffed with veal meat and chestnuts stewed in natural sauce, served with potato puree with horseradish, oyster mushrooms stewed with garlic on butter and leek cooked in white wine and ani. [NIE DOKOŃCZYLI OPISU LUB SIĘ NIE ZMIEŚCIŁO]


Restauracja Chmielna by Grzegorz Labuda

Chmielna 26 St.

80-748 Gdańsk

350 m from Neptun Fountain

With the restaurant situation in the heart of Gdansk in a quiet area but close the main road (Chmielna 26), makes this a perfect location. The restaurant combines Polish and European cuisines. The dishes prepared will satisfy the culinary needs of even the most sophisticated gourmet.
Why Chmielna? It serves original modern polish cuisines using classic recipes prepared by Chef Grzegorz Labuda Grzegorz Labuda - the author of numerous culinary publications, also awarded and appreciated by the most respected chefs in Poland and in the world. He brings his thirty years of professional experience to our Chmielna Restaurant. We only use the best fresh local ingredients.