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An Exceptional Serving of Duck


An Exceptional Serving of Duck
An Exceptional Serving of Duck
Fot. Golden Tulip Gdansk Residence

Today’s recipe requires a little more effort, but the ultimate result will compensate for any culinary struggles. Try these smoked duck breasts with ‘edible dirt’, fig and pear by Andrzej Lubański, Head Chef at Golden Tulip Gdańsk Residence.


2 duck breasts

1 clove of garlic

100 ml dry red wine

1 level teaspoon sea salt

1 level teaspoon coarse pepper

1 pear

1 fig

100 g honey

100 ml dry white wine

100 g pre-cooked edible chestnuts

50 g wholemeal bread

50 g dried cranberries

Baby chard or bloody dock for decoration



Rub the duck breasts with sea salt, pepper, marjoram and crushed garlic. Pour the red wine over them and leave them in a cool place for 12 hours.

After that, bake the duck breasts at a low temperature (52°C). Use a kitchen thermometer. Later, smoke them for about an hour at a temperature of 55-60°C.

Wash the fig and cut into four pieces. Peel the pear, remove the seeds and cut into four pieces. Cook the honey, white wine and pepper until it forms a thick syrup. Next, pour this liquid over the fig and pear segments.

Preparing the ‘edible dirt’:

Bake the chestnuts, the cranberries and the bread in an oven for about an hour at a temperature of 130°C. Later, mix them in a blender until they resemble ‘dirt’.

Directions for serving:

Place the pear and the fig segments on a plate. Sprinkle them with the ‘edible dirt’. Cut the duck breasts into thin strips and add them to the plate. Take the syrup left over from marinating the fruit and pour over them.

Add some chard or dock leaves for decoration.