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Baked young chicken in gooseberry sauce

Baked young chicken in gooseberry sauce



BAKED YOUNG CHICKEN IN GOOSEBERRY SAUCE - prepare the chicken according to the recipe for young roasted hens. During this time, we prepare the sauce. Wash fresh or frozen gooseberries, remove leaves and sticks, throw them into a pot, pour water over them and cook them briefly until they become soft but not cracked. Pour off the water, put the fruit back into the pot, pour 500 ml of wine over it and add 4 tablespoons of sugar. Boil the whole thing over low heat, do not mix it so that the gooseberries do not crack. We let it choke it for a few minutes for it to take on its aroma. Drain off the ready-made grape gooseberries and let it drain slightly. In a separate vessel, mix the remaining wine, sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest and cinnamon. We mix until the sugar is almost completely dissolved, we can use lukewarm water to make it easier. Then, in a pot, thoroughly mix the eggs and potato flour. When the egg mass is smooth, slowly add the wine liquid, stirring constantly so that the wine does not boil the eggs. When the ingredients are combined, put the pot on the fire and slowly heat it, stir it often until the sauce is of the right thickness. Then remove the dish from the burner, add most of the gooseberries and mix gently. The sauce is ready, serve it together with the baked hen separately.



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