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Beef sirloin in juniper sauce

Beef sirloin in juniper sauce
Beef sirloin in juniper sauce
Gdansk Toursim Organization

Nadmorski Hotel presents recipe for beef sirloin in juniper sauce with selery-chestnut puree, shallot and carmlized pear


All ingridients boiled together about 10 minutes :

  • red dry wine – 500ml
  • demi glas – 100ml,
  • one onion
  • bay leaf 2 pieces
  • Juniper – 10 pieces
  • Gillyflower – 5 pieces
  • Anise – 2 pieces
  • Allspiece – 5 pieces
  • Black pepper – 10 pieces
  • Sugar – 10g
  • Broth – 250 ml
  • Cinnamon little stick – 1 piece  


Salted cleaned sirloin steak (150g) put in to the boiling sauce for a 15 minutes.

Put out the meat from the suace and let it rest for 4 minutes.

Selery – chestnut puree

Selery (100g) bake with salt and oil. Blend with butter (10g) and sour cream (10ml). Add crumbled roasted chestnut (50g)

Selery chips

Selery cut into thin slices (4 pieces) and fry it to a golden colour. Strain on the paper and salt it.


Shallots (80g) stew with butter, sugar and red dry wine (50ml) to softness. Add some demi-glas (20g) and spices (salt, pepper)

Carmelized pear

Pear (1 piece) cut into quaters. Fry on butter with sugar and thyme gently watered with white dry wine