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Christmas duck breast


Christmas duck breast
Christmas duck breast
Fot. Restauracja Filharmonia

Christmas’s coming, so let’s think about Christmas dishes. One of the unique suggestions is a duck breast in plum sauce by chef of Filharmonia Restaurant.


  • Duck breast
  • Red cabbage on red wine, mashed potatoes dumplings
  • Plum sauce


Wash the breast and dry it off. Add plenty of spices: salt, black pepper (mashed), rosemary, juniper, thyme and oil of olives. Leave in the marinade for about 24 hours. Put the marinated breast on a hot pan, skin down. Fry on a big fire for about 1 minute (till the skin gets a bit brown). Turn the breast to the other side – fry for 5 seconds – only to close the meat pores, which will allow us to keep the exquisite taste.
After that, put it in an oven (heated up to 180˚C) for about 10 minutes. Get the breast out and slice. It should be juicy and pink inside.
It’s best to serve the duck with red cabbage fried on red wine, mashed potatoes dumplings and plum sauce.