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Cooked duck thigh stuffed with smoked plum


Cooked duck thigh
Cooked duck thigh
Fot. Restauracja Zeppelin

Autumn is a perfect time of year to do some experimenting in the kitchen. Evenings get longer and the weather doesn’t necessarily encourage strolls. So it’s a great idea to arm yourself with a recipe, ingredients and start cooking! This time we recommend a recipe by Maciej Butkiewicz, Chef of Zeppelin Restaurant, Wolne Miasto Hotel - Cooked duck thigh stuffed with smoked plum with red cabbage in honey, cherry sauce and homemade potato dumplings.

Ingredients (5 portions):

  • Duck thigh 5 pcs.(about. 1,2kg)
  • Smoked plum 50g
  • Wheat flour 200g
  • Potato flour100g
  • Potatoes 500g
  • An egg 
  • Canola oil 1l
  • Red cabbage 500g
  • Red wine 50ml
  • Reduced duck broth 200ml
  • Cherries 100g
  • Apple 150g
  • Honey 2 spoons
  • Butter 100g
  • Garlic 3 cloves
  • Salt, pepper, fresh thyme


Duck thigh need to be cleaned and bones removed then stuffed with smoked plum. Add some salt, pepper, mashed garlic and fresh thyme. Prepared thigh, now need to be marinated for 24 hours, then placed in a heat-proof dish, covered with oil and cooked for 3 hours under lid in the temperature of 120˚C.
Red cabbage with apple should be simmered in butter. We then add honey, salt and pepper. Cooked potatoes must be liquidized then an egg added together with a mix of wheat and potato flours. Form dough into little dumplings and cook for a short time in hot, salty water.
Reduce duck broth with wine, add cherries, spoon of honey and then condense it with cold butter. Before serving, bake the duck in an oven without oil for 10 minutes in the temperature of 200˚C to the point of crispy skin. Bake dumplings in butter. Place all on the dish.