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Plum cake

Plum cake


plums with rosemary / cocoa sponge cake / pecan nuts / honey



Ducha66 Restaurant

Św. Ducha 66 St., Gdansk

Distance to Neptune's Fountain - 1km.


Welcome to Ducha66! In a place filled with color, laughter and conversation. Where happiness is created among friends, with tables full of flavors, wine and coffee, accompanied by the historic center of Gdansk. Make yourself comfortable and feel the Spirit of this place!



Remember about the packages!

Do want to taste exquisite dishes from “Tastes of Gdansk” menu and save? If the answer is yes, then don’t hesitate and check our packages out. The were created for 1, 2 or 4 persons. Th whole set consisting of 3 dishes costs normally 130 PLN in any chosen restaurant, but when buying the package of “Tastes of Gdansk” you will pay accordingly: 120, 216 and 411 PLN. That means that when going in a group of 4, you save more than 100 PLN!

And that’s not all! The packages are flexible – that means that when buying a package for 2 persons, you can either go to one restaurant with your companion or alone twice to two different restaurants. 4 persons package works exactly in the same way. Go out in a group of 4 to one place? Or perhaps alone, 4 times to different restaurants? The choice is yours.

The package can be bought at our points: Gdansk Tourist Info Point (Długi Targ st. 28/29) and Airport Tourist Info Point (Słowackiego st.  210A) or you can just choose the package to be sent your home.

Learn more HERE.