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Rainbow trout marinated in spiced vinegar

Rainbow trout marinated in spiced vinegar
Rainbow trout marinated in spiced vinegar
Filharmonia Restaurant

Why not do some experimenting in the kitchen before Christmas? A recipe by chef of Filharmonia Restaurant fits perfectly here!


  • Fresh rainbow trout x 2 fillets (600 g)
  • Red onion x 2 pieces
  • Wheat flour x 100 g
  • Oil 200 ml
  • Allspice x 5 g
  • Bay leaf x 5 pieces
  • Pepperoni - 1/2
  • Aniseed x 5 pieces
  • Turmeric  x 5 g
  • Cinnamon bark x 2 pieces
  • Salt, sugar
  • Vinegar x 150 ml
  • Water x 1500 ml



Cut fillets into 3 pieces, touch of salt, leave them for 15 min. Cover fillets in flour then fried to golden brown and put it into stoneware or jar.


Boil the water and season it with spices ang vinegar to sweet and sour taste. On the same pan that you fried fillets now fry chopped onions and pepperoni. Put your fried vegetables on the fish and pour it with boiled broth. Let it cool down and stay in chilly place for minimum 24 hours.