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Roasted avovado

Roasted avocado
Roasted avocado
Dancing Anchor Restaurant - Puro Hotel

Reciper by Dancing Anchor Restaurant Chef - Marcin Małecki. Restaurant is located in Puro Hotel.


- 1 avocado
- 2 eggs
- white wine vinegar
- 1 tomato (scalded, peeled)

- olive oil
- salt
- lemon
- fresh basil
- parmesan

Lemon olive oil

Peel the lemon and cut the rind into strips. Heat up 0,2 l of olive oil to a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius and boil the lemon rind in it for about 1 hour.

Poached egg

Boil the water in a pot (water height approx. 10 cm). Add the vinegar and keep the water gently boiling. Pour the egg into a bowl and pour it into one place to a pot of boiling water. Do not mix, do not touch. After about 4 minutes, place the egg on the 2nd side using a spoon with holes. After a while, remove and strain.


Cut the avocados lengthwise, remove the seed, season with salt and sprinkle delicately with a lemon. Cut the tomato into quarters and remove the pulp from it. Then cut the quarters into small cubes and season with lemon oil and chopped basil. Fry the avocados on the side of the seed. Put the prepared egg in the place of the seeds, cover them with parmesan and bake them in 180 degrees for about 5 minutes. After baking, place them on a plate, serve with the previously prepared tomato and a half of the lemon.