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Dicsover Gdansk from the water



Gdansk is somewhere you would be hard-pressed to be bored. Thanks to its direct access to the sea, the city and its surrounding areas offer many water-themed attractions. You can go on a wonderful cruise around Gdansk Bay, during which you have an opportunity to see Gdansk Shipyard from the water. You will feel like a pirate for a moment you come aboard the galleon “Lew”. Avid kayakers also have an opportunity to see Gdansk from a different perspective. Want to go cod fishing? No problem! Simply visit the Hel Peninsula, from where a lot of cutter cod fishing trips are organised. There is also something for those who like extreme sports.

Kayaking down the Motlawa

All kayakers are encouraged to visit 15 Zabi Kruk Street. Renting a kayak there enables you to see Gdansk from a slightly different perspective. If you want to explore the Main Town this way, you can choose between the beginner and advanced routes. You can also kayak down the Motlawa around Spichrzow Island. This form of sightseeing leads you along Dlugie Pobrzeze with its water gates, the Crane, the Gdansk Marina, Brama Stagiewna and the Soldek museum ship. The route takes from 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. You can also choose the Old and New Motlawa route, which shows off the beauty of the ages-old architecture, as well as the shipyard and the port. The total time needed to complete it is between 2 and 2.5 hours.




Pirate ship cruise

As you are walking along the Motlawa, you can’t help but notice the beautiful ships stylised to look like 17th-century galleons. These are the “Lew” (Lion) and “Czarna Perla” (Black Pearl). Both ships sail under the Polish flag and offer cruises to Westerplatte via the Gdansk Shipyard, the Renovation Shipyard, the docks, port and Wisloujscie Fortress, and also around Gdansk Bay.
Upon reaching Westerplatte, you can leave the ship to explore this historic location, and then return on another ship using the same ticket. To make your trip an even more pleasurable experience, the organisers offer live music, delicious snacks and drinks from the ship’s bar and professional waiting staff. The galleons cruise until the end of September, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. In addition, it also functions as a tavern after 7:30 PM. Charter cruises with music and catering are available upon request, and various other events can be organised on board, including birthdays, teambuilding etc.



Zegluga Gdanska and Water Tram cruises

Water trams are a great way to reach Westerplatte and the National Sailing Centre in Gorki Zachodnie by sea in an easy and, most importantly, convenient fashion. And while you are on board, you can also enjoy the view of Gdansk Bay. Attractions like this one are available every day during the summer.
To make Gdansk’s waterways a little more lively, cruises to Westerplatte and the National Sailing Centre in Gorki Zachodnie start at the Zabi Kruk wharf. If you are looking for a longer cruise, consider the services of Zegluga Gdanska, whose vessels sail to Hel from Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. They are also an effective way of avoiding road traffic. The Zegluga Gdanska vessels also sail to Westerplatte and around the Gdynia port.



A little luxury

Premium Yachting is a sailing service aimed at visitors who appreciate luxury and comfort. Charter a luxurious yacht and embark on a cruise around Gdansk Bay to witness the beauty of Gdansk and Tricity from a new perspective – on the water. Sailing is our passion, and we want our guests to experience its beauty. Olympic sailing champion Mateusz Kusznierewicz chose the comfortable and safe Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42 Deck Salon yachts to make up our fleet. These beautiful, state-of-the-art vessels ensure the highest degree of enjoyment and comfort while sailing the waters of Gdansk Bay. We create bespoke cruise scenarios for businesses and individual clients after an initial consultation with the client. From aboard our yachts you can marvel at the beauty of old Gdansk, the industrial atmosphere of the port and Gdansk Shipyard, as well as such historic buildings as Wisloujscie Fortress, Westerplatte and the vintage lighthouse and its time capsule.
With Premium Yachting, you can sail on the open waters of Gdansk Bay, and our experienced skippers can show you the lesser-known parts and remote havens of the Baltic Sea.



A little adrenaline

All those looking for extreme experiences and a rush of adrenaline should visit Puck Bay, whose shallow waters and favourable winds are perfect for water sports. Under the watchful eye of local instructors, you can try windsurfing, which combines surfing and sailing. During the training you will master the basics, which will enable you to enjoy the sport on your own later.
You can also try your hand at kitesurfing, which is technically similar to windsurfing, but differs mainly in how you control the board. Balance and coordination are also very important here. Flyboarding is yet another adrenaline-packed activity. With the help of special footgear, you can hover several meters above the water. A special hose connects the footgear to a water scooter turbine, which pumps water with enough power to suspend you in the air.
If you have a need for speed, you can also rent a water scooter.