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A system of electronic pocket appliances with which sightseeing is easy in the city.


Sightseeing with AudioGuide

Another season with the audioguide Gdańsk is in progress. In previous seasons, electronic guides enjoyed great interest of the tourists, mostly because of the attractiveness of available programs and the flexible guide rental duration.
Audioguide Gdańsk is one of the products of the Gdańsk Tourist Organization offering a revolutionary solution related to cultural tourism. It is a system of electronic pocket appliances replacing traditional paper guides. Thanks to the audioguide, tourists visiting Gdańsk have an opportunity to see what they want in the city at their own pace. Appliances are simple to operate, very comfortable and, additionally, it is not very expensive to rent them!
Sightseeing with the audioguide is banal. Most programs launch automatically as soon as the tourist comes near a featured location. Consecutive stages of the excursion are marked on a special map enclosed with each appliance rented. The itinerary will not let you overlook any of the historical spots.

Programs in the Audioguide Gdańsk system were recorded with the cooperation of professional voice-overs. They play the roles of well-known historical or mythical personages related to the city. In this way, tourists can hear 23 stories about the most interesting places of Gdańsk, e.g. told from the point of view of Napoleon, Uphagen or Neptune, the ruler of the seas. All programs are available in two versions: basic and extended. The extended version covers a greater scope of the history of the city.

With the pocket guide, we can visit two most famous districts of Gdańsk: the Old Town filled with historical monuments and picturesque Oliwa. What is more, the duration of the rental of this innovative equipment is flexible. You can go for a short, two-hour stroll or for a long, all-day excursion with the audioguide Gdańsk.
Tourists using our system can forget about the onerous following of the tourist crowd and attempts at getting nearer the guide. Audioguide Gdańsk is a personalized and understanding partner in your travels. It allows you to interrupt the tour at any moment. You can have some rest on a bench anytime; you can have lunch in a restaurant or some tea in a café and return to the sightseeing route after that.

Audioguide Gdańsk is the winner of a special award in the “Best tourism promotion in the Pomeranian Voivodeship 2010” contest at the Gdańsk Tourist Fair. Mobile appliances are rented in Tourist Information outlets in Gdańsk.

AudioGuide renting outlets:

Gdańsk Tourist Information Centre

ul. Długi Targ 28/29, Gdańsk 80-830
tel.: 58 301 43 55
e-mail: gcit@visitgdansk.com
opening hours:
May - August: 09.00-19.00 / 7 days per week
September - April: 09.00-17.00 / 7 days per week

Tourist Information Point in the Railway Station tunnel

Podwale Grodzkie Street 8, 80-895 Gdańsk
phone +48 58 721 32 77
e-mail: itpkp@visitgdansk.com
open: Monday - Saturday 09:00-17:00


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The system operator is Media Expo with the office in Gdynia, ul. 10 lutego 33, code 81-364.

When visiting Gdańsk, rent a pocket audio guide! For now, learn about the historical monuments of Gdańsk here: www.