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Sightseeing Package

Archaeology, history, maritime field, nature or art?



For culture enthusiasts we have created a special package of attractions, which will satisfy even the largest thirst for knowledge. Archaeology, history, maritime field, nature or art – all of them interweave in Gdansk, and with Tourist Card you can experience them all. Feel the spirit of adventure – look at the city from above, visit new places and fall in love with Gdansk!

With Sightseeing Package you get free entrance to:

Archaeological Museum / Naturalists House / The Blue Lamb Granary / Roman Cella / Stronghold in Sopot // The Museum of the History of Gdansk Amber Museum / Uphagen’s House / Main City Town Hall / Artus Court / Wisłoujście Fortress / Watch Post No. 1 in Westerplatte // National Maritime Museum Granaries on the Ołowianka Island / The Crane / s/s Sołdek / Dar Pomorza ship // National Museum Old Art Branch / Modern Art Branch / Etnography Branch / The Green Gate Branch // The Lighthouse in Gdańsk Nowy Port / Gdańsk ZOO

Discount for:

Sightseeing with a city guide / Galleon cruises / Energa Stadium Gdańsk guided tours / European Solidarity Centre / Gdansk Panoramic Wheel Amber Sky/ The Polish Baltic Frédéric Chopin Philharmonic/ amber galleries: Moja Forma/ Old Workshop/ Amber Studio

Tourist Card gives you also 20% discount for selected dishes or whole menu in partner restaurants!

Filharmonia Restaurant / Cała Naprzód Restaurant / Eliksir Restaurant / BUNKIER Club & Gallery / Amber Side Restaurant / Pub T29/ Senso Restaurant@Bar/ Grono di Rucola Restaurant

You can also top it up with Metropolitan Transportation Ticket!

Package prices:

24h: reduced price - 40pln, standard price - 60pln
72h: reduced price  - 60pln, standard price  - 90pln
120h: reduced price  - 80pln, standard price  - 120pln 

Save over 50%!

Top up Sightseeing Package with Metropolitan Transportation Ticket:
24h: reduced price - 11,50 pln, regular price- 23pln 
72h: reduced price - 23pln , regular price - 46pln 

For Tourist Card Partners-Sightseeing Package list click here

Sightseein package-buy on-line
Sightseein package-buy on-line
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