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Majolika Restaurant

Jana Uphagena , 80-237 Gdańsk
602 722 602
Majolika is created by lovers of good food. The motto accompanying them on a daily basis is "Colors of Polish Cuisine", which reflects the philosophy of the place. The restaurant is using regional suppliers. The Chef included in the menu such local delicacies as farmstead cheeses, Kociewie brandy or Kashubian escargots. Their specialties are game and fish.
International cuisine
Polecany Partner

The restaurant is located in the beautiful interiors of one of the villas in Gdańsk. Between 1908 and 1909, a rich man from Gdańsk built a detached, two-storied residence with a mansard roof, located in a small garden. The residence was built in Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo style. To this day, the building, which looks almost like a palace, serves as a decoration of one of the districts of Gdańsk—Wrzeszcz. The building has always been called Villa Uphagena, only because of its location on this street. It is now home to Majolika restaurant, where the Chef and his team want to present all the colors of Polish cuisine.