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date of publication: 25 października 2019 r.

There can be up to 9,5 thousand fans in the stadium during the game. 6 thousand tickets were made available for the fans, out of which 2 thousand is in an open sale. The cost is from 40 to 130 Euro. One can enlist from 7th of May. The possibility to buy tickets will be decided randomly, the time of enlisting gives no priority.

Tickets are available in 4 price categories:

Cat. 1 – 130 E – central

Cat. 2 – 90 E – main in the corners

Cat. 3 – 65 E – behind the goals

Cat. 4 – 40 E – behind the goals, low


Moreover a special ticket for people with disabilities can be bought for 40 E (1 fan on a wheelchair + 1 accompanying  person and 1 fan with disabilities and 1 accompanying person)


To keep up to date with latests news please visit official UEFA site: https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/

More about the tickets availability and prices can be found there.