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Urban transport in Gdansk
date of publication: 18 grudnia 2019 r.

Getting around Gdańsk

Travelling across Gdansk is based mainly on the ZTM Gdansk bus and tram network. The vehicles are beige and red. The buses reach practically every part of the city of Gdansk and every part of Sopot. (Sopot does not have its own public transport.)


Single ride tickets

Time Tickets

Tickets can be purchased from ticket vending machines located at the main bus and tram stops. You can pay in cash (coins and notes - 10 PLN and 20 PLN) or by credit card in the ticket machines. Tickets can also be purchased at kiosks and sales points of ZTM Gdańsk. You can also use a mobie app.

Remember - match ticket holders use public transportation in Gdansk for free on the match day -1, on the match day, and on the match day +1 (trams, buses, Fast Urban Trains, Pomeranian Metropolital Trains).

Detailed information on public transport in Gdańsk can be found on the ZTM Gdańsk website.