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Interactive sightseeing
We live in times where almost everyone carries their cell phone with them. This device makes it easier for us to function and, as it turns out, explore new cities. Below you can find a list of mobile apps that help you discover magical Gdansk by yourself!
data publikacji: 18 grudnia 2019 r.

The app is available on the AppStore and Google Play. Learn more!

Following Plenty’s Footsteps

Questy “Following Plenty’s Footsteps. A Stone Plaque Hidden in the Town Hall” is not a typical travel guide. It is a game that helps you discover the secrets of the Main Town Hall and it is fun. Players have to find an artefact that went missing during the war – a precious French clock. The game is set in 1970 and the players have to find the said artefact by using suggestions, listening to virtual characters and solving logic riddles. If they are able to find it – they win.

The Treasure of Sobieszewo Island

This is another fascinating adventure that helps us see the most beautiful places on the island and discover its secrets. It covers over 5 km!

To play, you need a phone (smartphone) with Android or iOS or buy a ticket to the Town Hall. If you have the Tourist Card (Sightseeing or Family and Fun package), you can enter for free.

More details about the game are available HERE.

Hewelion Lion’s Route

“Hewelion Lion’s Route” is the best way to discover the most important places in Gdansk. Although this attraction is mainly for the youngest of explorers, it is also great fun for adults. The bronze lion cubs are 50 cm high and are located in different places all over the city.

By downloading the game on their smartphone and enabling location services in their phones, users receive lots of interesting information from the little lion. How is it possible? When you move your phone closer to each Hewelion sculpture, you will see a text or audio message on the screen with the lion’s story about a given place. The stories are told in such a way so that even the youngest users gain as much valuable information about Gdansk as possible.

So far, Hewelion has visited the ZOO, Gdansk Energa Stadium, Brzezno Pier, Gdansk Tourist Information Centre, Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport , Hevelianum, Big Mill, Olowianka Island, Long Coast (Gdanski Bowke Restaurant), Highland Gate, Madison Shopping Centre, Long Market (IBB Hotel Dlugi Targ), The AMBEREXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Download free app:

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The Smart Tour app is also useful for visitors. This tool works with the Tourist Card. If you purchase the Card that offers free tickets and discounts to GTO partners (including institutions, museums and restaurants), you can use the app that helps you easily navigate through the city. It features a map with tourist attractions. It guarantees you will explore Gdansk without missing important tourist spots.

Download the app: Google Play


Footsteps is a mobile app and tourist platform based on two pillars. Personalisation is one of them. After opening the app, users select their interests by specifying their personality. There are 10 different personalities (including the Tourist, Foodie, Hipster, History Lover, Head of the Family or Art Lover).

Based on the choices, the user receives a ready tourist route based on their preferences. Thanks to this solution, users does not have to spend time preparing for their sightseeing trip and can enjoy the walk even more by selecting an appropriate route. After the user selects a path, an interactive map of a given city appears with sights and a location marker. After reaching a tourist attraction, you receive a notification and a description of the place with photos, videos and links. You can pause any time you want, take a break for a snack and the app will show you restaurants nearby.

Download free app: Google Play I App Store