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Family Weekend in Gdansk

No one has heard of boredom here. In Gdansk, we hunt for lions, cruise around the bay, rest on the beach and, most importantly, we have lots of fun! See for yourselves! You will find here plenty of attractions dedicated to the youngest, which will also entertain adults.


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A traveller’s notebook and fun facts

In order to make the weekend a success, it’s important you make sure that you have a good start. So try to travel to Gdansk as quickly and pleasantly as possible. Fortunately, Gdansk is well-connected with other cities in Europe and around the whole world.

Next, you should think of something for the kids to do while on the road. The traditional measures will do just fine, like watching cartoons, singing together, telling stories, riddles or playing with figurines (best to take those the kid forgot about). But since you’re going to Gdansk, the best way to spend your time is to create a “traveller’s notebook” together. You’ll need a printed map of Poland, Europe and the world on which you’ll mark the place you are going to and the route you’re going to travel, the pictures of the main attractions you will see, or the crest of the city. It is also worth having thematic colouring books at hand - with beaches, ships or the Gdansk Crane. All this you should regularly paste to the book, decorate with stickers, add admission tickets, and write down your memories. Great fun guaranteed, plus you’ll have a souvenir that cannot be bought in any shop.

An interesting idea is to prepare fun facts about Gdansk. Each child should be happy to hear the story about lions looking in one direction or about the marine adventure of Jan from Koln. You can print them and put into colourful envelopes and the kid will draw which one to read.

There’s no boredom in Gdansk

Once you’ve reached Gdansk, you no longer have to worry about your kid’s activities. You will find here lots of attraction for the youngest. It’s best to start sightseeing from Gdansk Główny (only a few minutes away from the Main Railway Station). Długa Street will take you to the Main Town Hall located on the junction with Długi Targ. It’s a gothic-renaissance building and cannot be passed unnoticed. The youngest will especially like the view point on the tower, which is 50 metre high and overlooks a glorious panorama of the city. They will also enjoy the model of the city with a miniature Town Hall, located next to the original.

Just five meters from the Town Hall, you will see one of the most recognizable symbols of the city, the fountain of the famous king of the seas, Neptune. It is 2 meters high and weighs over 650 kilos.

A little further, at Szeroka St., there is the National Maritime Museum - the Crane also offers great views, this time from about 27 meters high, over the Motława River, Ołowianka and Granary Islands. A visit to this largest medieval port crane in Europe will impress the youngest.

National Maritime Museum
National Maritime Museum
Fot. Gdańsk Tourist Organization

Once you get there, your attention surely will be drawn to Sołdek, a historic steamer belonging to the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, moored on the Ołowianka quay. You should commit, more or less, an hour to see its engine room, officers’ and sailors’ cabins and the control deck.

And if you like the marine atmosphere, you should definitely visit the Centre of Maritime Culture or go on a cruise on the Gulf of Gdansk. You can also cruise from the Gdansk Shipping Company to Westerplatte or charter yachts or motorboats. You may also chose to explore the city by the waters of the Motława River. From the water tram deck you will see Gdansk from a different perspective.

If, however, you prefer to see the city from above, AmberSky Gdansk will be just the thing for you. It’s located on the Granary Island and offers a view over the historic part of the city, the shipyard with the historic cranes and even the amber stadium.

While visiting Gdansk you have to go the Gdansk science centre Hewelianum (17 minutes’ walk from the Main Railway Station). It’s on the Mount Gradowa, right behind the PKS Station. You will see amazing interactive exhibitions there, which can take you both back in time and around the world. The place is great for the kids (even for the youngest ones) and adults.

After a visit to Hewelianum, you need to go to the view point right next to the buildings and overlooks the whole city.

Gdansk ZOO
Gdansk ZOO
Fot. Gdańsk Tourist Organization

One of the most important attraction during a weekend in Gdansk is ZOO in Oliwa. Its located on the edge of Tricity Landscape Park and covers an area of 136 hectares. From Gdansk Główny you will reach the place by SKM train to Oliwa station and from there by bus (lines 179 or 622) straight to the ZOO.

You’ll need some time for a walk in this garden, not only because of its large area, but also the huge variety of animals that await you there. You will have a chance to see: lions, giraffes, camels, bears, bisons, penguins, and many more. Only here you will also find bongo antelopes, Arabian anemones, dwarf hippopotamuses and scavenger giants.

Following Gdansk’s lions

An unusual way to see Gdansk with the youngest is the trail of the city’s lion, Hewelion. To make things easier for you, we’ll tell you that it can be seen at the Oliwa ZOO, the Energa Gdansk Stadium, the pier in Brzeźno, Hewelianum Center, Gdansk Airport (right next to the GTO Tourist Information Centre), and near the Tourist Information Centre at Długi Targ. The Gdansk lion can be also seen near the Great Mill and Ołowianka Island. You won’t have any trouble finding them, as the lions are half a metre high and made out of bronze.

Once you’ve found Hewelion, be sure to take out your phone. Not only to take a picture with the lion, but also because you can download an app, put the phone close to the statue and make the lion speak and tell you an interesting story about Gdansk.

Gdansk beach
Gdansk beach
Fot. Gdańsk Tourist Organization

Beaches are fun

A visit to the beach is a must on every trip to Gdansk. Whichever you choose, you will always be satisfied. You can choose from beaches in Sobieszewo, Stogi, Brzeźno (the pier is here) and the Jelitkowo.

If you decide to go to Sobieszewo (the beach furthest from the city center, but you won’t commute more than half an hour to get there), take a stroll through the Mewia Łacha Nature Reserve and the Ptasi Raj (Bird’s Paradise). These places are natural paradises for seals and birds. Usually, there are fewer tourists in Sobieszewo than on other beaches.

If you prefer to stay in the city, you can get to Jelitkowo from Gdansk Główny by lines 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 227, to Brzeźno by lines 3, 5, 8, 148 and 188, and to Stogi by the tram line 8.

Each beach provides food and drink outlets, toilets, souvenir stands and attractions for children, like outdoor playgrounds.

There is also a bike pathway from the Gdansk beach to Sopot, so you can also take a bicycle tour. The largest network of bike lending points is located at 2 Czarny Dwór Street in Gdansk.

Card makes everything more convenient

If you’re planning to do a lot of sightseeing, the most convenient and economic solution is to use Gdansk Tourist Card. As the name suggests, it was created with tourists in mind. It offers a range of discounts and free entrances to museums, cultural objects and restaurants. You can also buy metropolitan ticket and comfortably commute all over Tricity.

Tourist Card is available in three versions: Transportation Package, Sightseeing Package, and of course Family&Fun Package. The last one offers free entrance to 12 attractions, discounts in 21 places offering entertainment and 15 restaurants and cafes.

Choose a child-friendly place

Choosing a place to stay will also confirm the fact that Gdansk is the perfect place for a family weekend. Among the hotels recommended by families you will find: Golden Tulip Gdansk Residence, Dwór Oliwski Hotel, Mercure Gdansk Poseidon and Amber Hotel. Finding a restaurant with a special menu for children also shouldn’t be a problem.

Just in case, it is always a good idea to ask while booking your stay if they have facilities for children. Check also if the property has Family Friendly Hotel certificate. Reviews from the previous visitors are extremely helpful. You can find them, for example, on the Tripadvisor website.