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  • City Gdańsk
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Chmielna 10, 80-748 Gdańsk
+48 579 735 225
Discover Woosabi - an urban oasis in the heart of Gdansk. Asian fusion cuisine with burgers in steamed BAO BUNS, delicious BOWLS and in the evening drinks full of exotic flavours.

WOOSABI a real urban oasis

First of all, an extraordinary food combining the best of Asian cuisine. Already the first bite provides you an explosion of flavours.

Secondly, unique drinks full of oriental notes that will soothe your senses and set you in good vibes mode.

Thirdly, nice beats from every corner of our urban oasis.

Fourthly, an exotic interior filled with plants, reminding of holiday atmosphere far from the big city bustle.

Fifth, a secluded patio in which, in the shade of palm trees and bamboo, you can enjoy the sun and a warm evening.

Finally, always a smiling and energetic crew that will take care of you.