Ramen Menya Musashi Restaurant

Is ramen a soup? – No!

A snack? – No!

A type of fast food? — No!

Ramen is a traditional Japanese dish made with fish and pork stock, served with home-made noodles. We present the recipe for Ramen Menya Musashi Restaurant, which soon will be opened in Forum Gdansk Sopping Mall.


– Stock (fish and pork)
– Noodles (home-made)
– Egg (marinated in soy sauce)
– Nori
– Green onions
– Sesame seeds

How it is made: the stock is based on pork, dried tuna and seaweed, and takes 10-12 hours to prepare. The noodles are made from flour, water and eggs, and a special ramen machine is used for this purpose.


Ramen is served with green onions, two egg halves, tiny slices of kombu seaweed and nori, with
a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

It is the perfect solution for those who are always hungry and love delicious and nutritious food. Ramen should be eaten with chopsticks for the noodles, and then chased down with the stock.

Ramen is very hot.