Be safe in Gdansk
During holiday season tourist traffic usually grows, but Gdansk is a very popular destination throughout the whole year. Hundreds of thousands of Poles and foreign guests choose to rest, work or visit family here. Annually, there are more than 2 million visitors. While sightseeing, working, playing or relaxing, it is always a good idea to keep in mind some safety rules.
22 sierpnia 2017 r.

Be safe in Gdansk
Be safe in Gdansk
Fot. Gdańsk Tourist Organization

It doesn’t matter where we go, we always want to feel safe. It is our right, and because of this it is worth knowing some basic rules to help us avoid danger. We also need to remember that the more tourists, the more dishonest people who may try to trick us. Let's take a look at the tourist trail and see what is particularly important to note.


The topic of dishonest taxi drivers is regretfully turning up every year like a bad penny. However, we can save ourselves from an unfairly high bill. We should always read the taxi’s schedule. Anyone who drives a person for commercial purposes is obliged to include such information in the car. Use the services of taxi corporations, where frauds are very rare. It is also worth to pay attention to the recommended taxi stand areas (for example at the airport). You can also ask before the drive how much, more or less, it will cost. This should protect you from the possible scam.


There’s no reason to worry if you planned your stay in a renowned hotel. In the case of guest houses, be sure to check the place before you book a vacation. See if their website is up-to-date and look for some feedback and address to check in Google maps (if the address doesn’t exist or the place is located in a strange place, like the ZOO or the middle of the park, this sure should be a warning sing for you). You can always ask the local tourist organization for help. Be careful with the bargain prices, it’s often a catch. Crooks may offer much worse standard than the one you expect, or even accommodation in a non-existent object.


Unfortunately, it’s not always so ‘yummy’. You should ask the waiters in a restaurant about the freshness of the products (especially of the popular fish) and pay attention to the smell and consistency of the served meal. Choose places with a lot of customers, it reduces your chances of a bad meal. As usual, you should look for reviews about a particular restaurant. Thanks to smartphones, it’s very fast and easy. Do not let stomach disorders spoil your trip!

Over the water

Beaches are usually the best place to spend your free time during summer. That is, if the weather allows. In hot, sunny days even the wide and large Gdansk beaches get crowded, which means you should get more careful. Do not leave your things unattended because they might get stolen. When you enter the water, you need to use your imagination. First of all, follow the recommendations repeated continuously every year: do not enter the water under the influence of alcohol! Go in gradually, so that your body does not experience temperature shock, otherwise you might easily catch a cold. You should also remember not to swim right after a hearty meal. Choose monitored beaches, where the rescue team watches over your safety. Gdansk beaches for many years have had the "Blue Flag", a certificate of cleanliness and safety, but if you do not keep the basic precautions, even the best rescuer won’t be able to help you.

Useful phone numbers:

Water Rescue Centre

Available 24/7

Phone nr: +48 601 689 970

Reporting pollutions and comments

Available 24/7

Phone nr: +48 58 524 18 53

In the city

Gdansk is a very safe city, but there is no ideal place in the whole world. There are few Police recommendations for sightseeing and having fun you should know:

–At night avoid poorly-lit places

– Do not fall asleep while commuting

– Do not talk to random people

– Watch over your documents, money and baggage

– In case of theft notify the Police: 112, 997

Remember! City guards and Police are here to help. Do not hesitate to call if anything unpleasant happens to you, like theft or a huge, unfair bill.

Security Line for Foreign Tourists:

+48 608 599 999