Cold beet greens soup
Cold beet greens soup
Fot. Cafe Polskie Smaki

Krystian Szidel, chef at the Sheraton Hotel, recommended a recipe from the menu of Café Polskie Smaki Restaurant, which serves dishes from Polish and Kashubian cuisine, based on seasonal, local products and traditional recipes with an individual twist from the chef.


300 g beet greens
200 ml natural yoghurt
200 ml kefir
150 ml Greek yoghurt
60 g dill
100 g radish
100 g cucumber
salt, sugar
spirit vinegar
1 quail egg per portion


Wash the beet greens thoroughly, cube the beetroots finely and cook in 200 ml water. Once cooked, stir in spirit vinegar, add seasoning and wait until they cool down. Cold beet leaves mix with natural yoghurt, kefir and Greek yoghurt, add sliced radish and cucumber, as well as finely chopped dill. You can also add a quail egg, cooked in salted water for four minutes.