Cycling routes

Cycle along sunny beaches, through forests and magical city districts. Release your endorphins by travelling around Gdansk on two wheels. Feel free to explore Gdansk however you like.

Coastal cycling routes

One of the most popular bike paths both among inhabitants and tourists visiting the city. What makes it so attractive? First of all its proximity to the sea. In addition, it is easily accessible by public transport from other parts of the city.  The distance from Gdansk to Gdynia is about 25km, which takes about 4-5 hours. Along the way, in addition to numerous catering outlets, there are rest zones, as well as numerous tourist attractions. Your absolute must-see list should include the Gdansk Shipyard, the Polsat Plus Arena Stadium, the bathing beaches in Brzezno and Jelitkowo, the pier in Sopot, and Kosciuszko Square with a seaside boulevard.

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Sopot - Gdansk - Westerplatte route

One of the longest routes in Gdansk and its surroundings, although not the most difficult one. Covering the distance of 46 km takes about 6 hours, but offers numerous tourist attractions on the way. In addition to sections directly along the sea, it also offers sections where you can admire urban architecture, including the Sopot Hippodrome, the Ergo Arena, the Pier in Brzezno, the European Solidarity Centre, the Main Town of Gdansk, the Wisloujscie Fortress and, at the very end of the journey, the Westerplatte peninsula and the Monument to the Defenders of the Coast. It is definitely worth to take this long route. 

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Cycling route on the Sobieszewo Island

The route of about 20 km takes you around the most picturesque areas of the island, where you can relax on the longest city beach in Gdansk. The route mainly leads along forest sections adjacent to the dunes and the seashore, followed by sections along the Vistula Spit in Swibno and the Dead Vistula. The island is home to two nature reserves, Birds' Paradise and Sea Gull Backwater Reserve, where you can stop by on the way. The Sobieszewo Loop is a long route with an average level of difficulty, which will appeal to all lovers of nature and outdoor activity who enjoy active leisure in the fresh air. 

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Cycling routes in the Tricity Natural Landscape Park

The Tricity Natural Landscape Park is an excellent place for cycling. You can cycle along marked bike paths, as well as on footpaths in some places (pay attention to hikers!). Most routes are suitable for both walking and recreational cycling. However, you can also find here more demanding sections for more professional cyclists, with quicksand and mud, narrow paths and steep slopes.

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Oliwa Valley Route

Another great route for cycling enthusiasts which is more gentle, although equally long to the previous one (about 24 km). It mainly leads along paved roads, with some sandy sections in between. It is a great option for those who prefer to spend time away from the busy routes. Although predominantly gentle, the route has several uphill sections where you need to put some effort. The trip takes between 3 and 4 hours, of course depending on how much time you spend visiting places on the way, including: Jelitkowo Park, Oliwa (with the Hammer Forge), the Sopot Museum, the Southern Park with 130-year-old trees, as well as numerous valleys (Dolina Ewy, Dolina Swiezej Wody, Dolina Zajaczowskiego Potoku, Dolina Radosci, Dolina Schwabego and Dolina Oliwskiego Potoku).

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